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“Kiritori” is a simple screen capture tool for Machintosh(OSX 10.7 or later) and Windows(7). “Kiritori” can capture your screen and display it in front of desktop.
“Kiritori” means “Cut” in Japanese.

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Capture your screen any area. You can use the same as OSX native interactive captures. This function can call to press ⌘+shift+5 in any time.(assign to global hotkey)


After the capture, Kiritori displays the captured image on desktop top level.

  • toggle afloat(⌘+a)

Copy, Save & more

Send image-data to clipboard(⌘+c).
Save image as PNG,JPG,GIF,TIFF format(⌘+s).
Change visual style(right click).

  • resize window(zoom: ⌘++, minimize: ⌘+-)
  • close window(⌘+w or ESC: optional)
  • transparency rate
  • drop shadow
  • set window visible layer

Instant memo. “Kiritori” cuts out the screen you want to display temporarily.

These images are displayed always in front of desktop. And you can move them with mouse drags.

To help make presentation slide. You can easily paste the screenshots to presentation soft.

Press ⌘+c keys to send image-data to clipboard.

Download link

for Mac

updated at comment version size download
21 May 2013 Notes#1.0.0beta 1.0.0beta 352KB Download .zip
18 December 2012 Notes#0.9.2 0.9.2 327KB Download .zip download on appstore
05 December 2012 Notes#0.9.1 0.9.1 380KB Download .zip

for Win

updated at comment version size download
20 Aug 2015 Notes#1.0.8.
Support history.
1.0.8 129KB Download .zip
18 Aug 2013 Notes#1.0.1.
Support multi-display.
1.0.1 102KB Download .zip
16 July 2013 Notes#1.0.0
requires .NET Framework 4.0 or later
1.0.0 101KB Download .zip

Demo video

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